Tasting notes

Moscow Mule fans will die and go to cocktail heaven

The Metro
Cloudy with ginger sediment.
Instant smell of fresh ginger.
A distinct, fresh ginger taste predominates. It is refreshing and clean tasting without being overly sweet. As the liquid passes through the palate the ginger will fill the whole mouth, leaving a warmth at the back of the throat.
A smooth, silky texture created by the small, perfectly formed bubbles and ingredients.

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Fresh Green Ginger

The discovery of this ginger from the Ivory Coast was a real 'eureka' moment for Charles and Tim. Unlike any other ginger, it has an incredible lemongrass freshness to its aroma due to the oils being extracted as soon as the ginger is harvested. Charles has visited the farmers in the Ivory Coast who are cultivating this unique ginger and distilling the oils specially for Fever-Tree. Read more about his story on the 'Latest' part of the website.

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Nigerian Ginger

The ginger that we source from Nigeria has an aromatic intensity to it that adds depth to the ginger flavour. It perfectly complements the fresh zesty notes of the Fresh Green Ginger and the rich, chocolately notes of the ginger that we source from Cochin in South West India.

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Cochin Ginger

Uniquely rich and earthy, almost chocolatey in its aroma, this ginger complements the flavour notes in the Nigerian ginger and Fresh Green ginger perfectly. Cultivated by a small specialist producer in the beautiful Cochin area of India, Charles and Tim recently visited the farmers to learn more about their techniques.

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Unlike most mixers and soft drinks on the market today which contain saccharine or aspartame, our products contain no artificial sweeteners. In our regular products we use cane sugar and in our Refreshingly Light products we use fruit sugar. These naturally sourced sweeteners create a fuller mouth-feel with none of the cloying aftertastes associated with cheaper, artificial alternatives.

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Soft Spring Water

We use the very best quality spring water from a source in rural Staffordshire. With a low mineral content, this water is very soft, thus ensuring that our drinks are subtle in their taste and clean in their finish. High carbonation is a vital component of any mixed drink which is why we carbonate our products to an exceptionally high level. By using small, perfectly formed bubbles, we have been able to create an incredibly smooth finish to our drinks.

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Perfect Storm


  • Ginger Beer
  • 1 measure (50ml) of you rum of choice
  • Fresh Ice – at least 4 big cubes. Clear cubes from Spring water if possible
  • Fresh Lime juice
  • Lime


Fill a highball glass with plenty of fresh ice so that the drink remains cold for longer. Pour the dark rum (can be spiced) over the ice and add a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice. Pour in Fever-Tree Ginger Beer and garnish with a couple of lime wedges.

Check out our new book, Fever-Tree: The Art of Mixing, for more great simple long drink and cocktail recipes.

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Moscow Mule


  • Ginger Beer
  • Vodka
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Fresh mint


Pour vodka over stacks of ice in a tall glass. Add fresh lime juice and chilled Fever-Tree Ginger Beer then garnish with fresh mint.

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Non-alcoholic Moscow Mule


  • Ginger Beer
  • Dash of Sugar Syrup
  • Splash of concentrated apple juice
  • Fresh Mint
  • Fresh Ice -Crushed


Place the fresh mint in a glass with a dash of sugar syrup - smash it up with a mixing spoon, place in the crushed ice and then pour over the Fever-tree Ginger Beer. Add in a splash of apple juice and garnish with a fresh sprig of mint.

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