Tasting notes

Clear, rich and dark brown in appearance.
Earthy ginger balanced with fresh citrus and a rich smoky flavour.
Earthy ginger followed by robust smoky flavours, balanced with refreshing background notes of citrus. Not too sweet, well balanced and prominent smoky notes which linger on the palette. Using Pure Smoke technology we are able to achieve a clean tasting smoke flavour without the acridity and tar notes that one would typically associate with smoke flavours.
A smooth, silky texture created by the perfect carbonation.

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Fresh Green Ginger

The discovery of this ginger from the Ivory Coast was a real 'eureka' moment for Charles and Tim. Unlike any other ginger, it has an incredible lemongrass freshness to its aroma due to the oils being extracted as soon as the ginger is harvested. Charles has visited the farmers in the Ivory Coast who are cultivating this unique ginger and distilling the oils specially for Fever-Tree. Read more about his story on the 'Latest' part of the website.

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Nigerian Ginger

The ginger that we source from Nigeria has an aromatic intensity to it that adds depth to the ginger flavour. It perfectly complements the fresh zesty notes of the Fresh Green Ginger and the rich, chocolately notes of the ginger that we source from Cochin in South West India.

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Cochin Ginger

Uniquely rich and earthy, almost chocolatey in its aroma, this ginger complements the flavour notes in the Nigerian ginger and Fresh Green ginger perfectly. Cultivated by a small specialist producer in the beautiful Cochin area of India, Charles and Tim recently visited the farmers to learn more about their techniques.

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Unlike most mixers and soft drinks on the market today which contain saccharine or aspartame, our products contain no artificial sweeteners. In our regular products we use cane sugar and in our Refreshingly Light products we use fruit sugar. These naturally sourced sweeteners create a fuller mouth-feel with none of the cloying aftertastes associated with cheaper, artificial alternatives.

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Smoked Apple Wood Water

Apple Wood Smoked Water is a delicate and sweet smoke profile without the common acridity of smoke tars. Apple Wood is quickly becoming a very popular smoke flavour due to the delicate and sweet notes of the fruit tree wood blending so well with smoke to deliver a beautiful and aromatic profile. The smoked water contains no PAH's (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons). For more information please visit http://besmoke.com/

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