Premium Soda Water

By blending soft spring water with a high level of carbonation, our Premium Soda is perfect for bringing out the best flavours of finest whiskies.

How to enjoy

Our 200ml bottles is the perfect size for a single serve, and can be found in bars, restaurants and pubs.

Tasting notes

'Fever-Tree is astoundingly different from standard tonics - it has a clean, refreshing flavour and is made from using 100% natural ingredients'

BBC Good Food
Pure and crystal clear
As it should be, our Spring Soda Water has no aroma.
A silky smooth texture created by using the finest spring water (which has a low mineral content) and a high level of carbonation.

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Unlike most mixers and soft drinks on the market today which contain saccharine or aspartame, our products contain no artificial sweeteners. In our regular products we use cane sugar and in our Naturally Light products we use fruit sugar. These naturally sourced sweeteners create a fuller mouth-feel with none of the cloying aftertastes associated with cheaper, artificial alternatives.

Our Ingredients

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Soft Spring Water

We use the very best quality natural spring water from a source in rural Staffordshire. With a low mineral content, this water is very soft, thus ensuring that our drinks are subtle in their taste and clean in their finish. High carbonation is a vital component of any mixed drink which is why we carbonate our products to an exceptionally high level. By using small, perfectly formed bubbles, we have been able to create an incredibly smooth finish to our drinks.

Our Ingredients
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Whisky & Spring Soda


  • Premium Soda Water
  • Your favourite Whisky
  • Fresh ice - at least 4 big cubes. Clear cubes from spring water if possible


Pour the whiskey over plenty of Ice and add a splash of Fever-tree soda to taste.

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